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Cool Daily Sites For 09/29/2020

HowStuffWorks explains thousands of topics, from engines to lock-picking to ESP, with video and illustrations so you can learn how everything works.

Menswear Dog a 3 year old shiba inu living in NYC with a panache for all things style. His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez

Quote of the Day Iinspirational quotes by famous authors, inspiring leaders and more. Positive quote of the day.

Tim and the nurse Tim is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose. A young student nurse appears and gives him a partial sponge bath...

Self We help people feel better. No matter the platform—website, Snapchat, newsletters, consumer products, events—our work reflects this service-driven mission and the core values of inclusivity, accuracy, and empathy.

Coupon Bunny Print coupons from manufacturers to use during your grocery shopping at your local supermarket.

Punk Zombie Zombies and lots of funny stuff on this site like demotivational pics.

Marisa Papen Personal page of free-spirited Marisa Papen

Embarrassing Stories Read and submit real life Embarrassing Stories

Pick Names We offer tons unique pet names for dogs, cats and many other pets. You can browse gender or species

Maxim Women Photos, profiles and videos of the most beautiful women in the world.

Funniest Dogs and Cats cute compilation of funny animals life videos.

United Way Envisions a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives.

Lie Detecting Robot A father buys a lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie. He decides to test it out at dinner one night....

iHorror Spot to stay caught up on the latest new, reviews, and movie releases in everything horror!